Wednesday, 6 April 2011

I recently came across a fantastic website for inspiration. Aptly named Pinterest its brilliant, packed with images to inspire and energise your thoughts. You can search through a range of categories from art/architecture, science, people, prints, fashion and many more. You can also type in your own words and images pinned (pinned-PINterest, I like the name idea) to that word will appear, which will then in turn direct you to people who are interested in that category creating more images for you to browse through. I could literally spend all day, rummaging through this site. 

Just to show you an example, I searched for 'kids rooms', as this links to my current project. Here are a few of the images that it brought up for me: A brilliant website/blog created around home design for children. I really like the idea of using lettering/different fonts within my work. I think its very on trend, looks brilliant and used and aimed at the right age range can also teach them as well as giving them a fabulous bedroom!!

This image led me to an interesting blog which is crammed full of interior images. 

 I have been coming across a lot of wall stickers within children's interiors, I suppose there quick and easy to interchange as soon as the child wants something new, rather than totally re decorating. They look really exciting, the idea that children can move them around and play with them also really appeals to me. 

All of these pictures are originally from the links underneath, but sourced from Pinterest. Hope this post has been helpful out there :)