Thursday, 31 March 2011


As my final project is based on children's interiors, I have been looking at children's illustrators. One of my favourite websites for inspiration is Illustrator Web.

Some of the illustrators inspiring me at the moment are :

Alyana Cazalet

Alyana is a freelance illustrator and artist, working in London. Her work s created using ink, felt tip pens and brushes and sticks. I love the scratchy style in which she draws, the black and white thickness of lines. This style is very similar to how I enjoy drawing. 

Kavel Rafferty

Kavel is an english commercial artist who works in Barcelona, combining found imagery, paint and print she creates the wonderful pieces of work. Very inspiring, I really like the combination of mediums, and again the messy, scratchy drawing/print style. 

"Her inspirations and interests – like rare old soul 45s, flea markets and vintage shop signs and type – help inform her distinctively bittersweet, elegantly nostalgic style."
(Illustration web)

Her clients include Selfridges, Topshop, The Times and Penguin Books. 

Mark Oliver  

Mark is a children's book illustrator and just one of the artists I came across that has drawn robots, the theme I am using in my own work at the minute. The detail put into the drawings is brilliant and I like the way the robots are doing real life actions. 

Tim Bradford

Tim Bradford is a freelance illustrator and animator. His work is mostly done on Illustrator and photoshop and used for print and web design. The colour palette is what really stood out for me, I really like the mixture of colours, very modern and attracting to children. The simple drawing style is very refreshing and inspiring. 

Illustration Web is a fantastic website for all artists to use as inspiration, these are just a few of illustrators that stood out to me, but there are hundreds more on the site ranging from cartoons, collage, fashion and retro art work. 

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