Thursday, 17 March 2011

Spring Trade Fair 2011


On the 9th of February me and Sammy Kenny visited Birmingham for a trip to the International Spring Trade Fair
The visit was so inspirational I think we both came away brewing with idea's and thoughts of how to embark on our final major project. 
I really enjoyed seeing how the trends i'd seen predicted on the WGSN website were being shown throughout the store. The fair was HUUGE and i think physically impossible to look around in one day. But from it, I defiantly took away product ideas and ideas of how to display my work at the degree show in June. 

My pass into the fair :)

I have decided to base my project on children's interiors to carry on my theme from last semester ( work to follow in next posts), looking around all the stands was sometimes overwhelming but defiantly inspirational. 

BabyFace was one company that stood out to me, specialising in luxury quilted children's home wares, bedding and soft furnishings. 


They had beautiful pieces that closely linked to my theme and gave me some great idea's. 

There was plenty more:
  • Powell-craft LTD
  • Mustard
  • Fifty-one PerCent
All in all a fantastic day, and came away feeling really excited.

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