Thursday, 31 March 2011

Liverpool Design Show.

Last year in our first semester we were given the opportunity to display our work at the Liverpool Design Show at St. Georges Hall. With over 50 stands and 100 designers the show was a fantastic opportunity. 

"We built on our inaugural event and doubled the number of exhibitors on show. We offered a unique opportunity to meet designers, to learn how things are made and to buy exclusive creations. We also doubled our visitor numbers with nearly 3000 people joining us, to take part in workshops, talks, networking and shopping. I believe we really boosted the local design economy and have put people in touch with each other that will go on to create new products and new businesses."
(Badami, Director of design initiative)

We began our semester by selecting our own theme, I chose children's interiors and have mentioned this in a previous post. 

My four final wallpapers were these:

For more information on next years show, exhibitors and how to exhibit yourself see this website.

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